Dr. Shawn White Mural

Dr. Shawn White and I worked closely during his time with the University of Pennsylvania’s HIV Vaccine Trials Network Community Advisory Board.  He was completing his dissertation, as I was serving in my post graduate work program.  Day and night over the course of two months we worked to create increased buy-in and movement for social change in delivering interventions to the most deserving populations of Philadelphia.

I recently learned of his passing, but I wanted share his legacy of change and hope for tomorrow.  We all have the capacity for good in our hearts, and that yearning, we must pursue.

I recognize in those years, far too much of time went spent on work and not on relationships.  I have only begun to hear of all of Dr. White’s amazing work and musical talent.

Dr. White serves a model for social good.

His memory also serves as a lesson to focus not only facts but people. Let us be people and let us be people together.


Shawn White’s Bio


Photo Credit to the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program more available here.