Solidifying Partners Pre-Application

How do we get people to buy-in?  Grant partnerships can be the highlight or crux for any proposal.   To solidify your partnerships, you need to gain consensus.


Gaining Consensus in 6 steps:

1. Network in your community:  Find people that you know to make a good fit.  Join your local business association and meet new folks.  With the fiscal climate changing everyone wants in, especially if you are going to be the lead–grants take some paperwork, so if they’re your friends it will help.

2. The Pitch:  You’re selling this opportunity, so go for it.  Talk about all of the transformative capabilities your proposal has! Thousands of dollars to be re-allocated to their budget, sustaining a workforce–illustrate these highlights while ensuring your partners that you’ve got the rest covered for a seamless process.  Assurance for the process is key. Also, know your grant and its reporting inside and out.  No one wants an audit.  If you’re the lead, hype up your grant experience and capacity for reporting; take the load off your partners if you want it to work.

3. Seamless Process:  You’ll be needing a smooth process to get everything completed!  Make a task list, build a template, and delegate.  Slot weekly check-in calls to ensure fluid communication and make every partner responsible to the group–not just you.  All paperwork you are sending should delineate clear instructions, and provide a template filled in nearly completely for every person.  The easier the task, the faster the return. Supply participation letter templates with a grant overview and tasks well in advance and ensure a padded timeline for delivery. Listen in for those who may be getting frustrated, and meet with them offline to assist in the process or provide further explanation.

–Be sensitive, not personal, for many this process is new–decisions will have to be made but circling back to the original purpose of the grant will help to reorient the group.

4. Submission: If time avails, supply a draft to the partners to solidify the application process in advance to work out any issue they may have.  This will illustrate the work your team has completed and the value your partners have.  Providing some ownership in the process will continue to hold them. Submit and supply final drafts/overviews where appropriate to your counterparts

5. Maintenance Calls:  Check in with them during the down time for review.  Federal grants can take up to 90 days for the decision process.  Staff can change in the blink of an eye.  Once the award shows up, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel.  Call or mass email your group as a status update–“Should hear word in a week, just checking in and keeping everyone in the loop”  Perhaps provide status updates regarding your preparations for job postings for your new project, new policy announcements, MOU updates etc.

6. Award Announcement: Celebrate if possible have a kick-off meeting with food or champagne! Fun is allowed and should be encouraged.  Follow up with an Memorandum of Understanding and finalized contracts to secure your next steps–many times these are in conjunction with the grant.  This MOU draft should be in their hands before application so that the terms are understood.

Overall, breathe.  Partners may come and they may go.  Grants are not so much about forcing a round peg into a square hole–rather be creative, flexible, and sensitive to meet everyone’s needs with in the confines of the grant stipulations.  Need help to problem solve or more hands on deck?  Contact Precision NPO Solutions today!

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