Technology Grants for Schools: The 11th Hour Crunch!

RUS DLT 2015 is well underway, we are nearly a week out before submitting to USDA.  The RUS grant is a distance learning and telemedicine equipment grant. For this opportunity, USDA is creating huge networks to reach students and patients in rural communities. On this stretch, I’ve been assisting numerous projects reach their goal of funding for up to $500,000 each.

“I’m a week from submission! AH! How can it be possible, when is the bottom dropping out, who do we need to follow up with? Don’t freak out, whatever you do don’t freak out”–Grant writer minds across the nation today.



The ebb and flow of grants is always a bit heinous.  You’ll have no work, then all of the work, people to nag, partners to pull.  How do you keep a level head amidst the chaos, the calls, and the constant email flood of disorganized paperwork? The response may seem simple–plan ahead, build a great and flexible team, and track task lists with due dates, delegation, and OF COURSE padded time lines.

–But Alejandra—this is where we are should’ve could’ve would’ve isn’t going to help right now.

Tips for Sanity in the 11th Hour:



-Quiet the Distraction-  shut down your wifi, hone in one task, put your head down and complete it –check it off the list.  It’s empowering to see yourself wade through the to dos!

-Self Care- I don’t have time for that! Well make time.  Shut off the computer, take a bath, remove yourself going for a run or a walk. When it’s all creeping up this will allow to you to refocus.  Eating, sleeping, exercising—you cannot stop just because a deadline is approaching.  This will provide you the energy you need to keep it moving.

-Breathing, Posture, Lighting- I take 5 minutes every few hours while in deep concentration or review to sit back check my posture and breathe deeply looking away from the computer.  I like to pry myself from the hunched over chair and out of my grant’s cave (dim lighting to prevent eye strain) stretch my arms up and back to adjust my posture and keep  me from fatigue.  Try it, it will help when you are at your wits end!  You can even say a mantra like “This is going to fund, and this is worth it”

Best of luck to all of you at the end of RUS season!!! Or any application for that matter!  Feel like you need some help for next year?  Feel free to reach out, Precision Solutions has got what it takes to alleviate the headache! Contact Us today!



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